• Cappuccino
  • Breakfast plate, with sliced ham, Swiss cheese, boiled eggs, butter and jam
  • Poppyseed Strudel
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Our Story

 Our bakeries offer a wide selection of authentic German bread, pastries and savory items, freshly baked everyday. Read about Peter and Beate "Mama G" Goldstein and the history of a family of bakers...

After working at the local gourmet market for a decade, she decided to go out on her own. Equipped with ideas, lots of experience, the recipe book passed down from generations, and a business name given by her son-in-law, she opened the door to Mama G's German Bakery and Coffeehouse (SRQ) in 2015.

Seeing her mom's success inspired her eldest daughter, Jacqueline, to follow her own dream of opening a bakery. In 2018, Mama G's (St. Pete) opened its doors to the Tampa Bay community.

In 2022, Peter's boss decided to retire and close the door to his bread bakery. Mama G and her family came together, and the decision was made to continue the bread business and integrate another Mama G storefront on the south end of Sarasota. The production is now run by Peter and their two sons Julian and Jeremy, while the storefronts are run by their daughters, Jolanda and Joeline.

Mama G's German Bakery and Coffeehouse is a beloved establishment that embodies the values of FAITH, FOOD, and FAMILY. With a rich history rooted in tradition and a commitment to quality, Mama G's offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where customers become part of the family. From their mouthwatering German pastries to their aromatic coffee blends, every bite and sip is crafted with love and passion. Mama G's creates more than just delicious treats; they foster a sense of community, bringing people together through their shared love of good food and genuine connections. The future is shining bright, and the American Dream is still ongoing!


Beate “Mama G” Goldstein - Founder

Peter Goldstein - Head of Operations

Julian Goldstein - Production Director

Jacqueline Blowers - Owner (St. Pete)

Bruce Blowers - Marketing